Crystal Story Teased as a New Narrative ‘Night Walk Series’ Adventure by Square Enix


Square Enix shared a teaser trailer for Crystal Story: The Goddess and the Forgotten Forest as part 1 of the “Night Walk Series.”

The setting is a “Mysterious Forest” where magical stories take place. The “Forgotten Forest” is a world that lost its powers and awaits a brave soul to step in.

You acquire a “Magic Lantern” that acts as your guide, as you explore the depths of the forest with guidance from fairies.

The game is a fantasy world with illumination, sound, and picture created in a space of digital art. It’s a fantasy world where you get to experience interacting with the magic residing in the lantern.

Now step forward, to start your adventure as the protagonist of the story.

Crystal Story: The Goddess and the Forgotten Forest‘s platform(s) and release date has yet to be announced.

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