Cube World Is Still Alive – Gets Demons, Ghosts And Necromancers

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After not giving any updates since June 2014, and consequently making fans worried about the game’s future, the creator of voxel-based sandbox action-RPG Cube World has given some development updates.


They were confined to a few tweets, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Firstly, the image at the top came with the caption: “Long ago, three ghost preachers made a pact: The Unholy Pact. Necromancers and undead beings obey them… ”


The caption for the above image is: “Dow the half demon is the leader of the Cult of Doom. Hopefully his sinister plan will never come true… ”


About this ghostly image the game’s creator said: “Archdruid Kendu died long ago during a battle against Cyphera. However, he still is leading the Druids of Mana… ”


And, finally, who is this? Well: “This is Empress Cyphera, the leader of the Steel Empire. She is said to be immortal… ”


Wollay, as Cube World’s creator calls himself (otherwise it’s Wolfram van Funck) has also been adding new music to the game recently. You can listen to it over on his Soundcloud.

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