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Cuddly Forest Friends Will Appear in English in 2023

cuddly forest friends

During the All Aksys Fall 2022 livestream, Aksys revealed several upcoming games, including Cuddly Forest Friends. The short trailer shows off a colorful cast of cuddly critters, who are the animals you must care for. The game is a “heartwarming simulation game” that will come out for the Nintendo Switch in February 2023.

The point of Cuddly Forest Friends is to increase your Happy Feelings, which are HF points. The more HF points you get, the taller the Tree of Happiness will grow. Your goal is to help the Tree of Happiness reach its maximum maturity. In total, there are nine little forest friends that you can take care of. They are: Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Degu, Hamster, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel, Capybara, and Beaver.

You can watch the trailer here (Japanese only):

Cuddly Forest Friends is “cute animals” played straight, as opposed to the modern trend of using adorable imagery to tell a dark or gruesome tale in the vein of Happy Tree Friends. As you progress through the game, you can obtain accessories for the animals to wear, or decorations to place around the forest.

Cuddly Forest Friends will appear in English on the Nintendo Switch in February 2023. It originally came out in July 2020 in Japan.

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