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Culdcept Revolt Introduces The Free Bats And The Count’s Army



In addition to its multiplayer modes, Culdcept Revolt has a story mode centered around characters called Cepters that are able to use the power of the cards to battle enemies. To help people better appreciate the fight the rebel Free Bats face as they go against the Count’s Army in Quest Mode, NIS America has released character profiles to help people recognize the heroes and villains lurking in the city of Celphas.




“Allen was first found unconscious in the street and saved by a member of the Free Bats. He’s sometimes terse and anti-social, but he has a strong sense of justice.

He remembers nothing but his name, but Alicia helps him recall his powers as a Cepter. He searches the city to find some clue to his lost memories.”




“Caring and beautiful, Alicia has the noble bearing of a leader.

She helps Allen remember his powers as a Cepter and invites him to join the Free Bats. Alicia cares deeply for her subordinates and plans to escape the city so they all can live freely.”



“Calm and composed, Sych is a talented Cepter.

He has a particularly strong hatred for the Count, and insists fighting against him is better than trying to escape the city, so he sometimes butts heads with Alicia.”



“Tenet is a kind boy, but can be timid sometimes.

He grew up in a monastery, and has a strong faith in the Chief God of his world, Glodis.”



“Yuma is a good kid, but sometimes her shy and overly suspicious personality makes her come off as rude. Because Allen doesn’t remember who he is, she is extremely wary of him.”



“Gen is the youngest member of the Free Bats, but is a talented Cepter nonetheless. Excitable and friendly, he helps keep up the Free Bats’ morale. He enjoys collecting cards and battling against his friends.”


Count Kraniss

“An unbelievably powerful Cepter that rules the city of Celphas.

Count Kraniss looks down upon the city from his castle that lies at its center. Strong willed and haughty, he tries to eradicate all enemy Cepters from his city. His full name is Kraniss Von Celphas.”



“Nighthawk is a Cepter hired by the Count to hunt down other Cepters. Although he serves the Count, he’s not very loyal to him and often acts on his own. He frequently stands against Allen and the Free Bats, but deep down, he’s not a bad guy. “



“Zonx searches through the city for any rebel Cepters. Cruel and merciless, he earned a reputation as the “Wandering Executioner,” and instills fear in the hearts of the people.”



“Hypna’s skills have earned her the rank of “Upper Cepter.” She is a ruthless opponent who stoops to any dirty trick in order to win. She oft makes use of hypnosis and illusion magic to confuse her targets.


Culdcept Revolt will come to the Nintendo 3DS in North America on August 29, 2017, followed by a European release on September 1, 2017.

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