Culdcept Revolt’s Evolving Cards Let You Build Your Perfect Creature

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In Culdcept Revolt, collecting cards is of the utmost importance. As you go through the game and make your way through the campaign, you’ll unlock new card packs to purchase. This results in better and rarer cards becoming available. But some of the best cards are the ones that you create. After a certain point in the game, you can get Evo cards.


Your first Evo card comes from the One Who Hides in Darkness chapter of the campaign. After completing the one of the first few quests, you will get a baby dragon card. It has no name and very rudimentary stats. It is up to you to use it to make it stronger. Up to two Evo cards can be included in a deck at once. You don’t have to actually use the card in a match to have it earn SP that can be used to improve its stats. As long as it was there and you won, its age will go up by one and you will get five SP. After it reaches the age of 10, that’s it. It will only ever get 55 SP total, with five being available immediately after you acquire it.


This dragon’s name is the only part of it that can be changed for free. All other elements will cost SP. You can acquire parts through purchases that can be applied to alter the character. For example, the dragon begins as a neutral creature with no element. However, you can add the air, earth, fire, or water element to it to better suit your deck. (This costs two SP.) The element, health, and strength portions of a card can be altered right away. The shop will sell parts packs that give you random bits and pieces to improve things. But, as the card ages, you can also add up to two conditions and two abilities.



What’s handy is how you can preview how a character could grow. I’ve been working on a strong earth and fire deck, so I decided to make a fire dragon. I like how many of my earth cards have a regenerating effect that will heal them after a fight, so I spent five SP to apply this effect. It increases the summoning cost by 10 GP. To help deal with that added cost, I went ahead and added the Favored Habitat Condition. This cost only one SP and decreases the summoning cost by 30, but means I have to have another fire territory claimed before I can place it. To increase its strength, I added the Conqueror’s Protection part for five SP. It added 20 to the summoning cost and means this card’s health will equal my total territories x10. The other parts I have used are bits and pieces that have boosted its strength to 40, making this more of a defensive fire card designed to hold a territory, rather than attack or invade. But these were just the decisions I made and an example of two possible cards. There are tons of parts to choose from, diversifying its abilities.


But what if you don’t like how a card has turned out? What then? Especially since Culdcept Revolt has an auto-save function. Well, there are two things you can do to wipe the slate clean. If you just want to remove one or two elements, there is a part called Part Eraser. For no SP, you can remove a specific part. It is a good way to make one minor tweak. But, if you’d prefer a complete fresh start, you can reset the card. This is free and turns the card back into its baby state. All of your parts are gone, but you can start again. If you do any of this, or maybe apply a part and didn’t like how it looked, just close the game. It only saves after you choose finish on the Evo card screen, after all.


It really helps make your Culdcept Revolt experience unique. Especially since it is possible to use these Evo cards online. You can consider it an ace in the hole, an unexpected monster that your opponent might not expect. As for the campaign, you can customize the card to fill an absence in your offence or defense to make yourself stronger.


Culdcept Revolt is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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