Cult Classic Horror-Survival Game Pathologic Is Getting An HD Remaster


Ice Pick Lodge released a cult classic with its first-person psychological horror and survival game Pathologic some 10 years ago. Now the studio is bringing it back with a HD remaster at the end of October.


This remastered version of the game – called Pathologic Classic HD – will address “the most prominent critiques of the original” and will therefore have a completely new English script with re-recorded voiceovers and dialogue. It’ll also have updated graphics and visual effects.


Not only does this remaster acknowledge that Pathologic is now a decade old it’s being released in anticipation of the Kickstarter-funded remake of the game (hence it being called Pathologic Classic).


Pathologic lets you play as one of three doctors as they try to uncover the highly infectious “Sand Plague” in a remote town in just 12 days. Each character experiences the same storyline but sees it from a different perspective and what remains certain across them all is that not everyone can be saved.


Pathologic Classic HD will be available for $12.99 on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

Chris Priestman