Cult of the Lamb Nendoroid Poop Merchandise
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Cult of the Lamb Merchandise Works Because of Its Accuracy

Cult of the Lamb ended up becoming one of Devolver Digital’s more shockingly successful titles. That’s helped by the fact that Massive Monster keeps supporting the title with new updates. Even multiplayer is on the table. Another side effect of this is an array of Cult of the Lamb merchandise, and it seems like it’s equally successful because of the design direction.

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Simply put, the Cult of the Lamb characters are all somewhat simplistic, but also unique and immediately recognizable. There’s a cuteness to them, in addition to an unnerving quality. It’s, in turn, made the items equally appealing. I’d even say it’s at the point where because of the work Massive Monster put in, it makes the other items different companies working with them create items that are more attractive.

For example, we’ve seen a lot of Cult of the Lamb plush toys, and they’re among the most prolific of the merchandise out there. Youtooz continually makes ones of both the lamb itself and various followers. Its tend to come in at $34.99, which isn’t too unheard of for game stuffed animals. (As someone who has spent way too much money at the Pokemon Center, it’s within normal boundaries.) However, what also works here is that there is variety. Good Smile Company makes its own plush of the Lamb, with that at $26.99

The same sorts of options apply to the actual Cult of the Lamb figures. Because Massive Monster’s designs build on a foundation of very recognizable, but also stylized models, it means it can be easy to find things that immediately look the way you’d expect them to outside of the game. So again, we have Youtooz putting together its own active take on the character, While with Good Smile Company a more serene moment is captured.

For now, we just have to wait and see if this also carries over to the upcoming Cult of the Lamb Nendoroid. It seems to have potential, given there are three face plates, an option to have the character go with or without the cape or crown, and that it even comes with a sword for slashing a broom with poop to sweep. But it is a situation in which you often have to see it to believe it. 

It’s really just a generally reassuring sort of situation. Especially since we’re dealing with an independent developer like Massive Monster. Merchandise like clothing or pins alway seems so common when it comes to games, since even fan artists can find ways to supply styles even if companies opt out. So I suppose I appreciate it more when a deserving developer and game gets more intricate or unexpected items.

Cult of the Lamb is available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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