Cursed Lands Lets You Romance Multiple People While Defeating Evil


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A mysterious fog is seeping across the plains near the Castle of N’Mar. Expeditions have set out to investigate it with terrible consequences. As the Empire’s Envoy, the player is supposed to do something about this, but they might just get caught up in trying to romance everyone in RPG/Visual Novel Cursed Lands.


In Cursed Lands, players are supposed to be using their protagonist, designed from several races and backgrounds, and gathering an array of warriors to join their cause. All manner of dwarves, elves, river nagas, amazons, and nomads can be convinced to join the player’s cause, giving them a party of powerful warriors of their choosing to battle the evil forces that have been gathering.

Evil’s creeping presence may take a back seat to getting closer to several of the game’s characters, though. Players are fully able to romance multiple characters at the same time throughout the game, although there will be consequences for getting caught juggling affairs.


Should players focus on their task of defeating evil, they’ll battle monsters in RPG-like combat, but fighting them isn’t the only way to win. Players can take advantage of enemy personalities using the game’s social talent system, which lets them bluff, coerce, intimidate, or reason with foes, negotiating a peaceful end to conflicts (or getting enemies to lower their guards for a sneak attack).

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