Cute Co-Op Action RPG Wanderlust Adventures Is Coming Soon


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Yeti Trunk’s follow-up to its successful action-RPG Wanderlust: Rebirth is Wanderlust Adventures, which adds the much requested open world adventure feel to the Wanderlust series.


In short, it’s a free roaming action adventure RPG that allows for up to four online players to play in co-op as they attempt to restore the world of Valandria.


It’s very much designed as an online co-op game, but you can play it by yourself, if you wish. Mostly, it’s a game about battling cute and weird creatures, levelling up your character, forging powerful items, and salvaging artifacts.


Wanderlust Adventures has been in development since January 2013 and a fall 2014 release is what Yeti Trunk has been aiming for. Whether it will reach that target release period or not is yet to be seen.


That said, it seems that the game is nearing completion if a recent development update is anything to go by. Yeti Trunk introduced the game’s debut trailer, put the soundtrack on sale, and detailed the work it has done on the game recently.


This recent work includes adding The Arena, enhanced gamepad support, “renowned” mini bosses, Steam networking, new NPCs, fishing and mining, death penalties meaning that if one person dies your whole party does, and much more.


You can find out more about Wanderlust Adventures on the game official website.

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