Cute Construction Game Buildanauts Lets You Loose In A Digger



Buildanauts looks like a cute children’s animated cartoon, but don’t let that fool you, it has plenty of construction challenges that’ll test your skills as a town’s foreman.


The idea is to build a town from scratch, operating heavy machines, and getting your hands dirty. There are diggers, jackhammers, cement mixers, and loads of other tools to use. It’s a little truer to the reality of having to do construction work than games like Minecraft, for example.


As you build houses, residents will start to move into your town and start making demands, and it’s your job to keep them happy. There are quests to take on and population targets to reach, so you should always be kept busy, even if the residents have stopped complaining.


Tasks that you’ll have to regularly perform for residents include clearing their trash, building extra roads, improving their houses, and managing traffic so it doesn’t become congested.


You don’t have to do it alone either. Yep, Buildanauts will support two-player co-op. It will allow for online networking on PCs, but on consoles it will be limited to local co-op, apparently.


You can currently pre-order Buildanauts for $15 on Windows, Mac, and Linux on its website. It’s also looking for votes over on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman
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