Cute Japanese Cat-Stacking Puzzler Pico Park Comes Out This December


Japanese developer Teco Park has revealed that it’s aiming to bring the cute action-puzzler Pico Park out for PC this December. This date is confirmed on the game’s Steam Greenlight page.


Pico Park is a co-op game designed to be played by between two and 10 people at the same time. You each control a cat and must work together to overcome the challenge in each level.

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These challenges typically involve stacking the cats on top of one another. Sometimes you need to grab a key that’s high above the ground. Other times you might have to push a wall with your collective strength or bounce a ball across the cat’s heads without it touching the ground.


The game adapts its challenges depending on the number of people playing. So you won’t be playing with three of you and be given the impossible task of completing a challenge meant for 10 players.

Chris Priestman