Cute Japanese Shooter Gocco Of War Comes Out On November 18th


Playism has announced that it’ll be publishing Japanese studio peakvox’s online co-op shooter Gocco of War on November 18th. It’ll be available on Steam as well as Playism’s store.


Everything in the game takes place inside the simulated amusement park Gocco Studio Japan. There’s an online lobby where 32 people can gather (and communicate via text chat and avatar gestures) but only four players can go on a quest at a time.


The idea is that you head into simulations where you can play imaginary war, sword fighting and heroic adventuring. While in quest areas, you can gather materials that can be used to make new costumes, upgrade your weapons, and apply elemental properties for future quests. If you perform well, you may also be awarded with a badge, which can be equipped for a stat boost.


It’s not all multiplayer either as there are 21 story quests that can be completed in single player (with three difficulty settings) if that’s more your thing.



Chris Priestman