Cute Japanese Shooter Gocco Of War Lets You Team Up With Friends

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Gocco Of War is a cute online co-op shooter from Japanese studio peakvox that’s due to launch on PC this summer. It’s currently up on Steam Greenlight.


It takes place inside a simulated amusement park where kids gather to go on quests. Everything starts in the lobby, where up to 30 online players can gather, and you can chat and gesture to them.


Once ready, you can then activate one of the park’s programs to go on a quest. The simulation will then take over and you’ll be given a toy gun to start shooting other kids in a survival-type match. There are other types of quests involving different set-ups, weapons, and scenarios too. There’s also a story mode to follow through if you wish.


Each quest can be completed in single player with bots, or with up to three other online players. When you defeat bosses or complete quest challenges, you earn new materials to make new costumes for your character, which make them stronger and add new abilities. Of course, you’ll also be able to show off your new costume to others in the online lobby.


You can find out more about Gocco Of War on its website where you’ll also find plenty more screenshots.

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