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Cute, Twitchy Shooter Lovely Planet Coming To Xbox One On January 8th


Publisher tinyBuild Games has announced that Quick Tequila’s first-person twitch shooter Lovely Planet is heading to Xbox One on January 8th 2016.


It was previously slated to come out in the summer of 2015 but saw delays for reasons that haven’t been given.


Lovely Planet originally came out for PC in 2014. The console version won’t be notably different except it will have advanced controller support with lock-on functionality.


This means that it’s now much more viable to play the game with a controller – it’s a fast-paced shooter that demands utter precision as you spin and run around shooting enemies and bullets, meaning it’s better suited to the quick movements a computer mouse allows.


While it is a shooter, Lovely Planet differs from many of its peers in the genre as it has a brightly colored and cute aesthetic rather than the typical military or space-themed get-up.

Chris Priestman