CyberConnect2 Is Hosting A Fan Contest For Vengeance-Themed Storyboards


CyberConnect2 is working on three new vengeance-themed games, and they’re hosting a special contest for fans to come up with their own vengeance-themed storyboards on Twitter.

From now through November 15, 2018, fans can participate in the “Twitter Storyboard Contributions Festival” for a chance to win various prizes including the top-prize Hiroshi Matsuyama Award that is 100,000 yen.

Anyone who can put together a storyboard can participate, regardless of whether they’re pro or amateur, whether they draw their own manga for fun, or complete beginners. They’re only looking at the “storyboard” of what fans put together, so that means the completeness of an illustration or details and density of drawings won’t have any influence on its value.

CyberConnect2 wants fans to take it as an opportunity to show what they have to offer

Judges include Azuki Yashiro (Nichijou Bagu Hokoku, Yashiro Azuki no Nichijou), Kyosuke Kagami (Dangerous 1969, Jinginaki Kirisuto Kyoshi), Takuma Kobayashi (President of e-book agency no. 9), Junpei Goto (from Tokyo Name Tank), and Hiroshi Matsuyama (CyberConnect2 CEO and President).

Anyone with a vengeance-themed storyboard can enter by simply posting it on twitter with the following #復讐三部作 and #復讐マンガ in the tweet with the storyboard. Fans are allowed to use the characters from the trilogy of vengeance games. There aren’t any rules, as you can simply submit a rough draft of a character, a single frame comic, the start of a grand story, or even the climax part of a story. There aren’t any limits to pages but they ask that you please do number them. Only one storyboard per person can be submitted.

Fans will have until November 15 to tweet out their storyboards, and the winners will be announced sometime in December 2018. In case you’d like to learn more about CyberConnect2’s upcoming vengeance games and more, check our earlier report where Matsuyama talked about upcoming projects.

The top prize is the 100,000 yen Hiroshi Matsuyama Award, plus additional other winners will get a tweet by Azuki Yashiro with the

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