CyberConnect2 President On Conquering The World (With Content)


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During the second half of the livestream which showed off Fuga gameplay for the first time, time was spent talking about CyberConnect2’s plans going forward, which, according to president Hiroshi Matsuyama’s slides at least, seems to be world domination. Well, via content, anyways.



To elaborate on this, Famitsu further interviewed Matsuyama regarding the company’s next plans, which include the establishment of “M5” and more. Here’s Matsuyama’s explanation of “M5”:

This time, you announced a new project called M5. What sort of project is this?

Hiroshi Matsuyama, president: “For our forward-thinking ‘Next Plan’, we announced that we would be doing “C5” game projects, we would be making original animation projects via “A5”, and this time, we have “M5”. This project will have CyberConnect2 provide original ideas for manga series. In order to make “M5” into reality, we’ve created a new division within our company split into manga artists, story writers, and storyboard artists.”


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Speaking on the livestream, Matsuyama talked about how with this new plan, Matsuyama wants CyberConnect2 to be able to create multi-media projects and also create various forms of content overall in-house. For example, Matsuyama’s manga, Chaser Game, will be rebranded as part of M5, while Matsuyama also hints at another video game company-based manga that’s being developed beneath the surface, although this one will be more focused on being dramatic and entertaining than informative. CyberConnect is expected to expand from 200 staff to 300 staff in 2020 for this reason.


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The second part of CyberConnect2’s plan is the Worldwide Talent Hiring Project, which will see up to 40 new overseas staff hired throughout 2019, with 20 scouted locally in Montreal through their Montreal studio, and 20 overseas staff. Focusing on the point about overseas staff, Matsuyama talked about how a lot of people wanted to work in Japan, but didn’t do so because they couldn’t figure out the things needed to get started. Elaborating to Famitsu, he said:

“Working in a foreign place makes people feel worried, but thankfully, starting with Yoann (the French director of Fuga), we’ve hired many overseas staff, and as such have the knowledge in order to take in more workers from overseas. As such, we won’t just stop at explaining what our company does, and can also explain and support prospective staff with visa applications, renting a place to stay, explaining Japan’s living standards… and everything needed in order to work in Japan.”


“The biggest reason, is because there isn’t enough talent just within Japan. When I wasborn, there were 2,000,000 people born every year, but the number of early-20s young people is now half that. Furthermore, the number of people born is also halved, with families having less cihldren. Also, despite many people leaving the game industry, not that many join it, so it’s a world where talent is fleeting. As such, it’s only natural that there wouldn’t be enough talent. But looking abroad, there is still lots of talent waiting out there. Speaking personally, I’ve met many creators who are interested in manga, anime, and games, and respect Japanese game companies. Since that’s the case, why don’t we lend a helping hand? That’s why we’re looking all over the world for staff.”

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