Cyberpunk Crime Thriller Technobabylon Will Be Out On May 21st



Wadjet Eye Games has announced that its point-and-click cyberpunk thriller Technobabylon will be available for PC on May 21st through its website, Steam, and GOG. A new trailer has been released that reveals more of the game’s city, characters, voiceovers, and biggest scenes.


It’s currently available to pre-order for $14.99 on its website. If you do pre-order, you get access a bunch of goodies, including: the digital soundtrack, a behind-the-scenes video, production art gallery, The Technobabylon Codex (a PDF booklet with backstory), an exclusive desktop wallpaper, and a DRM-free copy of the game or Steam key.


Technobabylon takes place in the City of Newton in the year 2087. You follow two CEL agents, Charlie Regis and Max Lao, who are investigating a Mindjacker who hacks into peoples’ minds, steals the knowledge inside, and then leaves them for dead. The next victim of this Mindjacker is thought to be Latha Sesame, who is described as an “agoraphobic net addict.” As Charlie and Max move into help Latha, Charlie’s past comes back to haunt him and it puts himself and Max on the opposite side of the law, but they’re still determined to protect Latha. That’s where you come in.



As you’ll see in the trailer, Technobabylon boasts an impressive and rich cyberpunk world to be explored. Wadjet Eye explained a little more about it:


Technobabylon sets you loose in a world where ‘wetware’ wires people directly to the web, where the cerebral online Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, where the city’s omnipresent AI, Central, has eyes on everyone and everything — a world that could someday be ours.”

Chris Priestman