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Cyberpunk RPG Dex Is Out Now On PC, Headed To Wii U This Summer



Two years after being successfully Kickstarted, sidescrolling cyberpunk RPG Dex is now available to purchase on PC through Steam and the Humble Store (and GOG soon) for $19.99. Developer Dreadlocks says that the Wii U and Ouya versions of the game should also be out this summer.


Dex is designed as a tribute to classic RPGs from the ‘90s made with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern game. With your character, you are able to explore the futuristic city of Harbor Prime in all its rich cyberpunk glory. But this isn’t a vacation. You’re out to discover the truth behind a theoretical Singularity during which AI is supposed to surpass human intelligence, thus condemning us to a life under their thumb.


You’ll need to explore the neon-lit streets, augment your character with skills and implants, steal corporate data, and get into plenty of fights with the thugs that know no different. If you follow the story it’ll unfold through fully-voiced interactive dialogue but you could take a break from it and try out the mercenary missions for extra cash.

Chris Priestman