Cygames’ Shadowverse Anime Will Begin Airing in April 2020


Earlier this week, Cygames revealed the first trailer for their Shadowverse anime, based off their digital card game. The anime is being produced by Zexys, and will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi (MÄR, Sket Dance, Hayate the Combat Butler).

The show adopts a much more shonen aesthetic compared to the source material, and as you might expect, will have card games be its primary draw. Hiiro Ryuugasaki (CV: Gakuto Kajiwara) is an average young boy attending Tensei Academy, who one day obtains a smartphone with Shadowverse installed that falls out of the sky. Hiiro sets out on a journey where he will forge bonds with new friends, and face off against fearsome rivals and tourney opponents.

You can check out the trailer above.

The Shadowverse anime will air in April 2020. Shadowverse is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

Alistair Wong
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