Cygames Shares First Trailer For Their High-End Console Title, Project Awakening



Cygames recently announced a new title by the name Project Awakening, their first shot at high-end console development. Here’s a look at the trailer that was shown during the Cygames Next 2016 event.


Not much is known about Project Awakening, other than the fact that Cygames, who is known for making various mobile games, is developing it for “high-end consoles.” In any case, here’s what’s being said in the debut trailer, which was recently uploaded by the company:


“Is it about everything up until now? Or is it everything from now on?”

“A beautiful view, isn’t it?”

“Look, everyone is waiting over there.”

“For now… I’m sorry. It won’t be long. But even then, I…”


Pretty vague for from that alone, but the visuals have certainly piqued our interest.

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