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Cytus Alpha Getting DJMax Collab, And More Revealed In Flyhigh Works Livestream


cytus alpha

Flyhigh Works held two Flyhigh Express livestreams today that brought the latest info regarding Cytus Alpha, including the announcement of a collab with the DJMax series, Kamiko, and more.


Cytus Alpha

cytus alpha 2

Cytus Alpha releases on April 25, and as previously detailed, its first-print bonus is a soundtrack containing music from Chapter Omega, which will not be made available anywhere else.


cytus alpha 3

Cytus Alpha also includes a collaboration with the DJMax series with the Chapter DJMax tracks, which has a total of 10 tracks included. These tracks are playable from the very start.


Finally, the official website of Cytus Alpha is now open, which you can find here.


Witch & Hero

witch and hero

Witch & Hero is set to come out March 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version adds in optional split Joy-Con functionality, with one player playing as the Hero and the other playing as the Witch.


Slime Tactics

slime tactics 3

Slime Tactics, the latest game from the maker of Ambition of the Slimes, comes out April 2019. However, this time, the game is a real-time strategy game.


Kamiko and SubaraCity


Finally, Kamiko and SubaraCity are set to head to PS4, Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox One sometime in March to April 2019.


You can check out the Flyhigh Express livestreams for yourself below:


Part 1 (Cytus Alpha Special Livestream):


Part 2 (Regular livestream):


Cytus Alpha releases on Nintendo Switch on April 25, 2019. Witch & Hero comes out March 2019 on Nintendo Switch. Slime Tactics comes out April 2019. Kamiko and SubaraCity release on PS4, XBox One, PC via Steam and Microsoft Store in March-April 2019.

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