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D.Gray-Man: The Apostles Of God Fan Translated Into English


d gray man 1 2

D.Gray-Man spinoff DS title The Apostles of God has been fan translated into English by Phantom with help from Supper and cccmar, who previously also did a fan translation for Black Butler spinoff title Phantom & Ghost.


This game retells the story of Allen’s first missions as part of the Black Order, and also features a non-canon story taking place in Cagliostro, with multiple endings present. The game features puzzles and touchscreen battles, and the translation team has also taken the liberty of adding a fast-forward option triggered by holding the B button.


Check out the screenshots below:


d gray man 2 d gray man 3



d gray man 4 d gray man 5



You can find a link to the translation patch here.


D.Gray-Man: The Apostles of God was released on Nintendo DS back in 2007.

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