D3 Publisher Teaser Says “Do Not Touch” Or Else Reveal Gets Later By A Second Each Time



Omega Labyrinth had a teaser that required users to “touch” breasts to speed up the reveal, but this time, D3 Publisher has a new teaser that says “do not touch” or else its reveal will get delayed.


The teaser is basically the opposite of what we had in Omega Labyrinth and it also has  an extra warning saying “Don’t PAI Touch!” just to make sure. By touching the breasts, it actually delays the reveal by a single second for each click. Its similar teaser says that it could possibly be a sequel or something related to Omega Labyrinth.


Should players find a way to endure it then the game will be revealed when the countdown is over. That means we’ll never see the game in all eternity. Jokes aside, we’ll probably see its reveal sometime in the coming days.

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