D3 Publisher’s Countdown Teasers Are Getting Stranger By The Day



    D3 Publisher, known for bringing us the Onechanbara games, has been teasing a new title with a series of what appears to be a monthly journal of strange children’s illustrations. Here are the latest two from the teaser site.


    The top image has the following message for its entry:


    “October Xth,

    I ate a bunch of my favorite choco-bananas during the fall festival.

    If only the bananas at lunch were choco-bananas, too.



    The one in the above image says the following:


    “November Xth,

    I gave grandpa a massage with the vibrating thing.

    It looked like he was feeling great.”



    The next one is the latest, and it says the following:


    “December Xth,

    I’ll tell you what—the chikuwa are always my favorite part of an oden.

    I’d also like to make that girl I like eat a chikuwa as well.”


    You can check out the previous entries from the teaser countdown here: mushroom-picking, water guns.

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