D3 Publisher’s Latest Teaser Looks Innocent But Is Actually A Bit Naughty

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D3 Publisher recently began a countdown website for a new game that will be revealed on December 15th. The teaser shows innocent-looking drawings, but the message seems to say a little more about it.


Similar to what we saw in the previous report, the teaser shows a child’s drawing done in the style of a daily journal for Japanese grade school students. Here’s what today’s teaser in the above images says:


“September, xth.

Went to pick mushrooms at the nearby mountains.

I got a bunch of mushrooms.

After all, mushrooms are better than bamboo shoots, am I right?”


As  you may have noticed in the image, the word おっぱい/oppai (breasts) was originally there instead of いっぱい/ippai (a bunch). It could’ve been a simple spelling mistake from the “writer” of the image, but knowing D3 Publisher and their track record, they’re probably trying to hint something with the word, along with the water gun fight that got everyone soaked the day before.

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