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Daemon X Machina Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda Introduces The Story, Talks Mecha Genre


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Nintendo of America revealed a new interview with Daemon X Machina producer Kenichiro Tsukuda from E3, where he talks about the story of the game, and what sets the mecha game genre apart.


Here are the highlights:

  • In the world of Daemon X Machina, moon fragments fell down to the surface of the planet after the moon was destroyed, and using the energy from the moon, the Avatars control mechs called Arsenals. The area surrounding where the energy is contained is walled off, and enemies are constantly trying to break in. The enemies, called the Arms of Immortals, were created when the energy made the humans’ AI go berserk, becoming an enemy that cannot be killed.


  • Daemon X Machina is being created by 1st Studio in Marvelous, which has been around a long time, but only took up the name last year.


  • Tsukuda thinks that more people have an appreciation of mecha nowadays. From the time people are kids, they have dreams like wearing a mecha suit, and the mecha genre is part of that appeal.


Here’s the full interview:


Daemon X Machina is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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