Daily Espada Will Have You Battling Through A Bizarre TV Reality Game Show


    Solo developer Pedro Gabriel will be bringing his 2D action-arcade game Daily Espada to Steam on September 30th.


    It has you playing as a family man who enters a futuristic TV reality game show with the promise of fulfilling his wildest dreams and desires. To win, he has to fight against monsters from Brazilian mythology and folklore. Yeah, good luck buddy. Still, it beats being at home, apparently.


    “Maneuvering through fireballs and dodging enemy attacks in Daily Espada’s fast-paced combat is simple when compared to the protagonist’s struggle with his dysfunctional family,” writes Gabriel.


    As you fight against the trickster Saci and the Headless Mule (both creatures from Brazilian folklore) you’ll receive encouraging emails from your wife and not so encouraging ones from your daughter.

    Chris Priestman

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