In Devil Survivor 2, the thirteen protagonists sign a pact with a devil to become devil messengers. Like the first game, you can also bid on devils using a devil auction feature to add them to your forces.


How many in total? Retailer Game Star reveals that Devil Survivor 2 has over 220 devils to acquire and train.


That’s enough devil-dealing for a lifetime membership to hell.


Japan will get to meet them on July 28th when Devil Survivor 2 hits the Nintendo DS. Meanwhile, Devil Survivor Overclocked, the updated port of the first game, is slated for a summer release in the U.S. on the Nintendo 3DS.


Food for thought:

220 devils sounds expensive. Perhaps hell should consider some sort of service similar to PlayStation Plus, where if you pay a subscription fee, you get a certain amount of free devil access. Get with the times, Lucifer!


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