Dance With Mash Anywhere in the Fate/Grand Order Waltz AR Update

Fate/Grand Order Waltz

The rhythm game Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in the Moonlight Lostroom might be about a secret room at Chaldea headquarters where players can dance the night away with Mash Kyrielight, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place you can dance. At least, not after the game’s upcoming update, which will add an augmented reality (AR) mode. The announcement was made via the Fate/Grand Order official twitter account:

Like the AR features in other games, the Fate/Grand Order Waltz AR function will display Mash, outfitted in one of the many costumes she’s received over the course of the game, dancing to her heart’s content over whatever scenery players point their cameras at. The sheer ubiquity of devices with high-quality cameras has made AR an increasingly attractive feature to include in various games. Bandai Namco’s The [email protected] Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage has had an AR photo mode and a similar AR dancing function since 2018.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to enjoy Mash in all her glory, as the game is still only being offered at limited times. Initially, the app was limited to just 500,000 downloads from Japan via the Google Play and Apple App Stores at launch (though third-party app stores quickly mirrored the app without the limits). On August 25, 2020, the app was made available again for 24 hours to celebrate the addition of a new story chapter to the game. The AR update, when it debuts, will also be accompanied by a new chapter.

When it’s available, Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom can be found on Android and iOS devices.

Josh Tolentino
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