DanceDanceRevolution V is Coming to PC and You Can Play the Open Alpha Now

DanceDanceRevolution V Alpha

DanceDanceRevolution V is coming to PC. The announcement broke via the official DanceDanceRevolution Twitter. In addition to this announcement, a free open alpha is currently taking place. Those interested in DanceDanceRevolution V can pick from an assortment of fifteen popular songs to try out during the free alpha. The service period for the free open alpha is currently undecided. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Keyboard controls are available. If you happen to have a DanceDanceRevolution game mat you can hook it up if you have the right PC attachments. In order to access the free DanceDanceRevolution V alpha you will need to use your Konami ID to log into the service. So if you’re interested, you will need to create a Konami account if you don’t already have one.

Konami also mentioned that it will update the free open alpha irregularly based on feedback from those participating in the alpha.

If you just can’t get enough of DanceDanceRevolution, Konami is currently working on a version that will be available through smartphones. This smartphone app will also allow players to connect DanceDanceRevolution game mats to their smartphones to re-live that classic arcade experience. This title will also be exclusive to mobile devices.

DanceDanceRevolution V is currently in development for PCs.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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