Dandy Dungeon II

Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride Launches as an Update on April 2, 2020

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Dandy Dungeon: The Legend of Brave Yamada is getting a sequel. Announced back in June 2019Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride launches as a large-scale update for the first game that more than doubles the amount of content available in the game.

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Check out the sequel’s trailer below:

Dandy Dungeon II acts as a conclusion to Yamada’s story. It also includes more content, such as the Heaven’s Door post-game challenge dungeon. The original Dandy Dungeon told the story of the 36-year old programmer Yamada, who decides to slack off and quit his job in order to create his own game. However, his boss soon gets revenge by changing up the programming so that he himself must clear the game in order to reach his dreams.

Dandy Dungeon II

Onion Games announced that they have also added collaborations with other game developers. This includes composer Nobuo Uematsu and Touhou series developer ZUN.

Finally, Onion Games announced that it is beginning a new email magazine named The Secret Onion Cellar, and people who subscribe will get a downloadable copy of “Track X” from The Dandy Dungeon Odd Album.

Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is available on Nintendo Switch. You can read our playtest of the game here.

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