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Danganronpa Creators’ Next Game Is The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy

During the June 18, 2024 Nintendo Direct stream, Nintendo showed off a trailer for The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy. It’ll come out in early 2025, and it is the newest game from the creators behind the Danganronpa series.

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The first game trailer started by introducing protagonist Takumi Sumino, who is a high school boy. Random enemies attacked Japan before a school mascot of sorts, which looks like Shinigami from Master Detective Archives: Rain Code when she’s in her ghost form, appears before Takumi. It forces him to enroll at Last Defense Academy, where he encounters fifteen other students. The mission is to defend the school from the same invaders, which is done by playing in a TRPG style to send out units. It seems like you will potentially lose students permanently as you play as well. However, it’s unclear if these losses will occur during the story (like in Danganronpa) or if through gameplay (like in Fire Emblem).

You can watch the first trailer for The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy here. Like the Danganronpa game series, hope and despair is highlighted. It also showcases how the player will be working alongside a group of students who will take shelter at an academy and attempt to fight back.

The creators of Danganronpa were the ones who created The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy. Aside from the art, which features character designs from Rui Komatsuzaki, Kazutaka Kodaka wrote the story. The story and presentation also seem to take heavy cues from Danganronpa, especially in the part where there are sixteen students in total at a strange post-apocalyptic academy. More information on the game will appear later on.

The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- will appear on the Nintendo Switch in early 2025.

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