How Danganronpa V3’s Heroine And Trials Have Changed

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Danganronpa V3 comes out later this month and Siliconera caught up with the creators of the class trial mystery game to talk about the game’s new trial system and Kaede, the heroine of the game.


Danganronpa V3 has a new protagonist, Kaede Akamatsu. How is she different from Makoto or Hajime?


Kazutaka Kodaka, Writer: Makoto and Hajime are strong hero characters who can solve problems on their own. Kaede instead relies on her friends to help out and she is also a tragic heroine type of character.


How has the Class Trial system changed in Danganronpa V3?


KK: Up to now, it was only one person who would do the debate and they would take turns. Scrum has two opposing sides that form teams to debate among themselves. Team A might have different ideas than team Team B and you can pull people to agree with your team.


There is also a new system with lies that can be used to push the debate in different directions. In order to do that you need to get other people to agree with you. Like the Scrum debate you will have people who will agree with you and your team. If the heroine feels she isn’t backed up by her team you can use lies to change the direction of the debate.


Do lies change the outcome of the story?


Shun Sasaki, Director: There isn’t a different outcome in the story, but by using lies you may see different reactions and interactions between characters.



Lies are a big theme in Danganronpa V3. What makes lies so interesting?


KK: In Danganronpa 1 and 2 were centered around finding the truth, but even if you find the truth you have to sort through the lies to find the truth. In this game, I wanted to focus on the deeper meaning of lying and what lying is.


How far does a lie go? I wanted to get deeper into the psychological thinking of how deep a lie and the truth is. This story itself is a lie. By saying that what kind of truth do the watchers get out of it? Which one is the truth?



Who are your favorite characters in Danganronpa V3?


Kodaka:  I like the Monokuma cubs

Sasaki-san: K1-B0 is my favorite character.


How did the Monokuma cubs come about?


KK: It was my coworker Sasaki-san who wanted a character like Monomi who would fight Monokuma, but they used to them to create more chaos within the story. Even if you do take them out, you can still play the story, but they add comic relief to it.


Danganronpa V3 comes out on September 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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