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Danganronpa’s Monobear Is Coming To Conception II As DLC


A demo of the child-making RPG/dating sim Conception II is coming to the 3DS on August 8.


The demo will include all of the content from the PS Vita demo available now, including the heroines Fuuko, Ellie, and Tohri.


With these girls, you will be able to talk, make children, and fight monsters.


The same day, the PS Vita will receive a second demo containing the entire prologue. If you buy the final product, you will be able to carry over your save data from the demo.


In addition, Spike Chunsoft has announced that as a future DLC quest, you will be able to fight the demented Monobear from their Danganronpa games. They haven’t revealed when this DLC will be released, or whether Monobear will be ridiculously powerful.


Conception II will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on August 22.