Danmaku Shmup An Oath To The Stars Looking Sharp In New Trailer



A new trailer has released showing off the enhanced look of An Oath to the Stars, a danmaku shmup where the player’s weapon does more damage the closer they get to the enemy.




Aspects of the interface and general look of the game has improved since the last time Siliconera covered the game during its Greenlight campaign. The trailer also shows off a few more enemies and some of the complex bosses, as well as a chargeable laser weapon that can be used for heavy damage at just the right moments.


An Oath to the Stars follows Hoshiko as she seeks revenge after being left for dead by a close friend. She can be joined on this quest by Chiyoko should players choose to play the game in co-op.




An Oath to the Stars is slated to release in Q2 2017.

Alistair Wong
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