Darkest Dungeon’s Terror And Madness Will Be Released On January 19th


Red Hook Games has announced that its turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of dungeon crawling, Darkest Dungeon, will be out on January 19th 2016.


Darkest Dungeon has been in Early Access since February this year. Originally, Red Hook was aiming to get the game out in time for Halloween for thematic reasons but also to avoid the blockbuster game releases in the last couple months of the year.


As this isn’t possible due to various delays (including showing the game at events and a team member’s father-in-law passing away) the release date has been settled for after that big rush of games.


Red Hook also noted that a new bloodthirsty character known as The Abomination will be patched into the current version of Darkest Dungeon in November and is said to be “unlike currently in the game.”


Darkest Dungeon is noteworthy for its Affliction System – it means your party can be inflicted with paranoia, stress, masochism, fear, and a range of other ailments and psychological issues while dungeon crawling.

Chris Priestman