Vigil Games have put a bunch of features you normally see in role-playing games in Darksiders II. Among these are randomized loot, skill trees, and the ability to upgrade your weapons.


In a new developer diary that discusses these additions (above), Vigil say that Darksiders II has “thousands of pieces of loot”—not necessarily different in how they look, but with different stats. On top of these, you have more powerful gear called Possessed Weapons. If you have a piece of loot you don’t care for, you can “feed” it to one of your Possessed Weapons to make them stronger.


As you play through the game, Death racks up experience points. As previously reported, these can be invested in two skill trees—Necromancer (magic) and Harbinger (melee).


In an interview published in April, Vigil said that 80% of the ideas they had for Darksiders II made it into the final game. In the case of the original Darksiders, only 1% of the ideas that were brainstormed were included in the final product.


Darksiders II will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 14th. A Wii U version will follow later in the year.


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