Data transfer journey, from Persona 3 to Persona 3 FES



"The Journey" in Persona 3 FES lets you play through the entire game with added features.  I thought that FES was just an expansion pack and that I needed the original Persona 3 disk to take advantage of the new features, but fortunately that's not the case.


Incorporating your old save file into The Journey is easy. Just choose to start a new game.  After some information about what's been added in FES, the game will ask if you have an old Persona save file to be transferred.  If you do have one on your memory card, then you can transfer your registered persona, fusion spell combinations, rankings in academic, charm and courage, and all the items you gained when you maxed out your social links.


Once your old save file is transferred, the game starts from the beginning as normal.  While I'm excited to test out the new weapon fusion system, I just wish there was a way to skip through the lengthy introduction parts and get to the meat of the game.


< Spencer’s note: Japan has two versions of Persona 3 FES. A cheaper append disc that requires the original version of Persona 3 and a stand alone complete disc. We’re getting the complete disc in North America at the price of the append disc. >


Images courtesy of Atlus.

Louise Yang