Date The Merchant From Resident Evil 4 In This Otome Visual Novel



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Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition explores Resident Evil 4 from Ashley’s perspective, telling her story and delving into all of her relationships with the various eligible bachelors of the game’s world.




Players will get to kindle relationships with the various men of Resident Evil 4, getting closer to Leon, Luis, the Merchant, and even Lord Saddler as they play. Players will get to know Ashley’s innermost thoughts about these men as well as they move through various scenes from the game.


Romance isn’t the game’s only focus, as players will also get to see (unofficial) accounts of what happened to Ashley in the scenes she was missing from in Resident Evil 4.




Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition is designed as a lighthearted parody, and a demo is available on

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