Date WWII Battleships Personified In Victory Belles



120 different belles, each a woman designed after a real-world battleship from naval history, are at players’ disposal in combat and romance in free-to-play turn-based, tactical web/iOS game Victory Belles, which is now raising development funding through Kickstarter.




The game’s turn-based combat is fuelled by a “historically accurate algorithm” derived by research on naval weapons. In the words of the developers:


“…decades of analysis on materials, armor types, weapons and ballistics of World War II warships feeds the combat model that determines whether or not your shot hits, penetrates, and to what extent it damages the enemy.”




The Belles, the souls of each ship that strengthen them, can be customized and romanced at the player’s whim. Each has their own personality which players will need to take into account in their pursuits, though. There is nothing stopping the player from pursuing multiple Belles, either, save for the weaponry that may get turned on them should they get caught.



Authenticity is important to the developers of Victory Belles, so they have found voice actresses from the seven countries the ships hail from, ensuring each ship is voiced in the native language of the place it came from. Some of these actresses include Natalie Hoover (Danganronpa 2, Sword Art Online), Marissa Lenti (One Piece, Fairy Tail) and Kira Buckland (Sailor Moon, Dead or Alive 5).

Alistair Wong
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