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Date Your Weapons When Boyfriend Dungeon Comes to Xbox Game Pass

Boyfriend Dungeon Game Pass

Canadian developer Kitfox Games announced its upcoming title Boyfriend Dungeon will also come to Xbox Game Pass. Back in 2020, the company announced the game for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. The sword-dating roguelike will also be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the PC Windows Store via Game Pass in 2021.

Kitfox Games originally planned to release the shack-and-slash game in 2020. However, in the interest of the teams’ mental and physical health, the company pushed the title into 2021. Additionally, Kitfox Games uploaded an announcement trailer to go along with the reveal.

In Boyfriend Dungeon, players will take their weapons on dates while fighting their way through procedurally generated dungeons. The developer describes the title as a light-hearted and fantastical adventure where you level up your weapons, uncover their stories, and foster relationships. In addition to the variety of gameplay, the seven lovely weapons will also have different fighting styles that will play differently. Kitfox Games also promises the roguelike will be inclusive with a “tasteful approach to gender and sexuality” with male, female, and non-binary romance options.

Boyfriend Dungeon will release in 2021 on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the PC Windows Store. Additionally, the title will come to Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2021.

Oni Dino
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