Dawn and Skyla are the Next to Get Figures in Kotobukiya’s Pokemon Lineups


Kotobukiya’s Pokemon series of figures have been going on for quite some time now, and last month Dawn (Hikari in Japan) was revealed as the next character. In related news, Skyla from Pokemon Black & White is also getting a Kotobukiya figure that will be exclusive to Pokemon Centers in Japan.

Check out the details below:

ARTFX J 1/8 Scale Dawn & Piplup

Each of the Pokemon Trainer figures have been accompanied with a partner Pokemon, and Dawn comes with Piplup, who she has been portrayed with over various Pokemon media.

Like the other ARTFX J Pokemon figures, the art that this figure is based upon was illustrated by Hitoshi Ariga, who has also done trainer design and Pokemon TCG art for the series as well.

The figure is 1/8 scale, and Dawn is around 21cm tall (including the base), while Piplup is around 6.5cm tall. The design is based on Dawn’s original look in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, rather than Pokemon Platinum‘s design, where she wears a jacket as well.

Here are more screenshots below:

ARTFX J Dawn & Piplup will cost 9,500 yen, and is set to release in May 2020. The figure is available on Kotobukiya’s online store to pre-order until January 24, 2020.

Pokemon Center Original – 1/8 Scale Skyla & Swanna

Pokemon Centers (and their online shops) in Japan are getting a new line of exclusive figures, and so far there is a focus on Gym Leaders from Pokemon Black & White, with Elesa & Emolga being previously revealed. While Skyla & Swanna are fixed, meaning that you can’t take Swanna off the stand, they do feature some fancy wind effects, as well as a special Poke Ball-shaped stand.

The art for this line of exclusive figures is done by Naoki Saito, who has mainly illustrated Pokemon TCG card art. He was also the illustrator of Unova’s map and Castelia City art for Pokemon Black & White, and Oblivia’s map in Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs.

Check out more screenshots below:

Like the ARTFX J figures, Skyla & Swanna are 1/8 scale, and the figure stands around 24cm high including the base. The figure will release beginning June 2020, and is set to cost 12,000 yen (excluding tax). The figure is available to pre-order via Pokemon Center’s online store.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and Pokemon Black & White are available on Nintendo DS.

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