DDS Will Release SMT V Jack Frost Ring

SMT V Jack Frost ring

In commemoration of the release of SMT V, Digital Devil Selection (DDS) will open up a pop-up store where it will sell items such as a Jack Frost ring. DDS Harajuku will be open from November 26-28, 2021. Four new items, including the aforementioned Jack Frost ring, will be available in the shop.

While other DDS products will likely appear in the pop-up store, it will also sell four new pieces of jewelry that use motifs from SMT V. Online orders for them will open from November 26, 2021. Here is the full list of products, as well as the prices in JPY:

The three rings range from sizes 1 to 28. Though DDS has released other Jack Frost rings in the past, the SMT V version of the ring has a slightly different face. According to the designer’s comment, this is because of the way that Atlus designed Jack Frost for SMT V. However, the designer does not specifically note what said differences are.

Digital Devil Selection is a merchandise store specifically for the Shin Megami Tensei series. Aside from jewelry, it also offers apparel and small items. For example, you can purchase denim dolls of Jack Frost and Black Frost.

Shin Megami Tensei V is readily available for the Nintendo Switch. The Artemis, Cleopatra, Mephisto, and Mitama DLC are also for purchase in the shop.

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