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Over My Dead Body 2 Videos Shows The Good, The Bad, And The… Puppet



In Over My Dead Body 2 you’ll be playing as a family with a bloodline that has been cursed by the ventriloquist villain Abeno Seimei. We recently reported details on how it all happened, and this time, the voice actors of the three characters talk about their roles as we also get to see some of the latest footage of the game.

This video features Daisuke Hirakawa, the voice actor of the evil ventriloquist Abeno Seimei, the one responsible for starting the curse of the bloodline in Over My Dead Body 2.


Hirakawa shares that in the game, life will only last two years, and it really shows in the warm feelings you’ll experience during the game for yourself. At :55, we get a look at the character he’ll be portraying, who he says is actually a melancholic villain, but is still intense, nonetheless.

Next up, is Ryusei Nakao, who’ll be doing the voice for “Onigashira,” the mysterious puppet of Abeno Seimei.


Nakao hasn’t voiced a character for a game in a while, but he says he’s pretty excited to be back into it. According to the voice actor, Onigashira is a unique character who speaks in a rather strange manner, which was the most fun part of the performance.

Finally, we have Megumi Hayashibara, who’ll be voicing Nueko, the goddess who sacrificed her own life in order to bring the family back from  the dead after being killed by Abeno’s trap.


Hayashibara wasn’t familiar with the game, but after doing some research online, she was impressed by the story and was greatly interested in the game’s setting. She sees Nueko as a lady who is strong, but continues striving to become stronger, which she considers to be her biggest appeal, personally.


Over My Dead Body 2 is slated for release this summer in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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