Dead Cells Is A Roguelike Where Dying Unlocks More Of The World



Dead Cells takes the player to gothic castles, ancient ruins, and slick sewers, unlocking more routes to them the more they die.




Dead Cells is a sidescrolling, procedurally-generated roguelike, demanding players get through its entirety without saves or checkpoints. They’ll delve into its randomized halls, finding an array of weapons and tools with different behaviors and effects, using those to stay alive against challenging enemies and bosses.


Should players find themselves dying in the Castlevania-inspired catacombs, that doesn’t mean they’ve gained nothing. Dying unlocks further areas and routes to explore, granting them choices on which generated places to explore should one particular location be giving them a hard time. Even within locations, there will also be secrets, extra items, and hidden paths to locate as well.




Dead Cells features smooth pixel art animations for its attacks and enemies, taking the player to varied locations filled with danger and death.


There is currently no set release date, but state that they are a third of the way finished and intend to release on Steam Early Access when they feel ready.

Alistair Wong
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