Dead Dragons Brings Another Twist To A Kemco RPG

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Despite the fact (or maybe because of the fact) that Kemco churns out modestly-budgeted RPGs for mobile phones on a very regular basis, the developer continues to try and bring new innovations to the fold with their titles. In their latest smartphone game, Dead Dragons, the twist comes in the way battles can be done.

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Sure, you’d be able to fight normally with both sides squaring off in classic turn-based mode. But you can also hit a button to turn the game into “Rotation” mode or keep it in “Stay” mode, which has your party dutifully line up to attack foes one after another. This is more than a cosmetic change though.


With “Rotation” mode, each character shuffles over to the front to fight, but also becomes the point man for all of an enemy’s attacks. Think of this as the old-school RPG world meeting the concepts of massively multiplayer online game’s concepts of threat and aggro boiled down in a way that makes sense for such classic RPGs.


During battle, you can also enter an additional overdrive mode called “Ruin” which will turn whoever’s in the front line into a walking behemoth, or add extra units who will help attack whichever unfortunate foes stand before you.



As Will, you meet up with stranger Shikina and embark on a quest to discover exactly why dragons appear to be coming back to a world which had thought them slain more than 100 years ago.


Dead Dragon is out now on Android and will be available on iOS come summer 2014.

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