Dead or Alive 5 Test Footage Shows Off A Bunch Of Different Fighters

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Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei have been sharing balance test footage of Dead or Alive 5 these past few days. Below, you’ll find five different clips of test footage, along with notes from Team Ninja for the two test combo videos. Just keep in mind that this is all from a build of the game that’s still in development.

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Bayman vs. Tina:



Tina vs. Ayane:



Jann Lee vs. La Mariposa:



DOA5 Test Combo Footage (Ayane, Hayate, Tina, Bass, Zack, Sarah):



“I think Ayane and Hayate have a lot of combos that are harder than they look. There’s not much time until Tougeki, so maybe it would’ve been better to show some easier combos for them. Zack has a lot of new movements, so it might take time for experienced people to get used to him. But he’s actually really strong.


Tina and Bass have easy combos, so they’re great for pre-launch tournaments! Sarah moves really close to VF5FS. A lot of her combos come straight from VF or are extensions of what she already has.”


DOA5 Test Combo Footage #2 (Kokoro, Kasumi, Jann, Akira, Leifang, Rig):



“We’re actually right in the middle of tuning juggles, so damage is still all over the place. But it’s a pretty accurate representation of how juggles will flow. Checking things like this, I think about things like Leifang doesn’t do enough damage. I won’t tell you the combo recipe here, but I left on the icons as a hint.


You can normally hold during Critical and slow escapes still work, but DOA5 also has more guaranteed moves. When you get your opponent in a sit-down stun or with their back turned, that’s your chance for a huge combo. And if you can flow into a Critical Burst, you have even more options for combos. I think these features will really help set DOA5 apart.”


Dead or Alive 5 will be released on September 25th in North America.

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