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Dead or Alive 6 Brings Back Hot Summer Costumes Of Past Series In Latest DLC



Dead or Alive 6 just got its second pack of the “Revival” costume series that brings back popular costumes of past series. The pack features the “Hot Summer Costumes” featuring 16 swimsuit outfits for the fighters.


The Hot Summer Costume Pack features 16 costumes for all the female fighters with the exception of Mai and Kula.



Do keep in mind that it the Revival series isn’t a part of the $80 Season Pass 3 that released last month. We’re getting one more part of the Revival series costumes and it’ll feature 28 outfits.



Premium Tickets are now available to purchase DLC costumes separately on PS4. For a limited time from now through November 28, PS Plus members will get 2 complimentary tickets.


Dead or Alive 6 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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