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Dead Or Alive 6 Costume Parts Bonus Increased By 100 Times In Four Modes


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In Dead or Alive 6, people have to earn costume pattern parts to unlock costumes and get the ability to purchase them with coins they have earned by playing the game. However, there was an issue with how many materials were being given out at launch, since modes other than Quest were giving out single digit totals. Now, a launch campaign has been announced that boosts the amount of earned parts by 100 times.


This update was revealed via the official Dead or Alive 6 Twitter account. Initially, on March 2, 2019, a 10 times bonus was announced with regard to Dead or Alive 6 costume parts. But now, a 100 times bonus is in effect for the Arcade, Ranked, Survival, and Time Attack modes.


In addition, details regarding the Dead or Alive 6 costume improvements were revealed. In March 2019, patch 1.02 will be released. It will stop the random distribution of costume parts. Once it is applied, you will only get pieces for a character you are currently using.



Dead or Alive 6 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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