Dead or Alive 6 Live Developer Gameplay Session Features More Hitomi And Leifang


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Dead or Alive 6’s Hitomi and Leifang reveal leaked ahead of Gamescom 2018, but we got a look at some more gameplay for the two, including comments from director Yohei Shimbori at the show.


Here’s the gameplay session and commentaries, courtesy IGN:


In the footage we see Hitomi and Leifang’s same costumes but with different colors from the reveal, however, Shimbori says they will have all the costumes from previous games but they weren’t able to show it at Gamescom.


When asked why he felt that these two would be a good fit for Dead or Alive 6, Shimbori said they were both characters that a lot of fans have been waiting for and it was decided from the start, but it took the team a little longer to present them.


Considering Hitomi’s German descent, the team decided to have her revealed at Gamescom since it’s in Germany. As for Leifang, they originally wanted to reveal her with Jann Lee since they’re rivals, but due to some issues in production she was delayed, and this was a little way to apologize to the fans by having her in there with Hitomi.


Dead or Alive 6 releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2019. You can check out the official trailer for Hitomi and Leifang in our previous report.

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